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Noise Revolve
It’s Man’s Ability to Perceive, it’s the MAP. It’s also the map through time with the ease of quick time and computer graphics and morphing, changing one pattern with another. Time telling a story through a day, a week or a year. Time showing change, it’s the transparency of information combined with other information creating a third piece of information.” - Richard Saul Wurman
The Exposed City: A Brief History of Mapping the Urban Invisibles
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17 Equations That Changed The World

I would argue that they merely described the world, rather than changed it, but still cool.
Whenever possible, we try to express, or approximate, relationships between observed quantities and quantities that are to be predicted in terms of mathematical equations. Some of these processes are very complex. Whenever a mathematical equation has been determined, the procedure is known as curve fitting. Curve fitting is finding a curve that models the observed data. The curve may not contain any of the data points. The ideal, of course, is for the model to contain all of the observed points.

Bio-Digital Morphologies - 3D Printed model by Jonathan Wilson, Unit 20 Bartlett.
Title: Fluid CrystallizationCategory: #selfassemblyAuthor: Skylar TibbitsYear: 2013
Description : This installation investigates hierarchical and non-deterministic self-assembly with large numbers of parts in a fluid medium. 350 hollow spheres have been submerged in a 200 gallon glass water-filled tank. Armatures, modeled after carbon atoms, follow intramolecular covalent bonding geometries within atoms. Intermolecular structures are formed as spheres interact with one another in 1, 2, or 3-Dimensional patterns. The highly dynamic self-assembly characteristic of the system offers a glimpse at material phase change between crystalline solid, liquid, and gaseous states. Turbulence in the water introduces stochastic energy into the system, increasing the entropy and allowing structures to self-assemble; thus, transitioning between gas, liquid, and solid phases. Polymorphism may be observed where the same intramolecular structures can solidify in more than one crystalline form, demonstrating the versatile nature of carbon as a building block for life.
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